Wheel Repair Northern Beaches

Mobile Wheel Repair Northern Beaches

Scratch Vanish has been completing mobile repairs in the Northern Beaches area for 5+ years and understands what’s involved in completing high-quality repairs on all alloy wheels. All our mobile alloy wheel repairs Northern Beaches are conducted in the comfort of your home or workplace, and we supply all materials needed to perform rim repairs Northern Beaches. All you need to do is provide our technician with off-street parking and access to power. After that, our team will do the rest and breathe life back into those damaged alloy wheels with our rim repair Northern Beaches service.

Whether you have a Tesla, Ford Mustang, Mercedes or Toyota, by the time we’ve finished, the existing damage will be completely unnoticeable, and the wheel repair will be to a standard that will leave a smile on your face.

Our wheel repair Northern Beaches technicians are trained to the highest standard and undergo rigorous training before commencing work.

When we first arrive at the alloy wheel repair Northern Beaches, we’ll assess the damage, answer any questions you may have, and maneuver the car we’re working on into the best possible position for us to work as efficiently as possible. Now it’s time to get to work with your mobile wheel repair Northern Beaches.

The technician will first assess whether any filling is required or is grinding the alloy to begin the best course of action. When grinding alloy, we’re essentially reshaping the surface back into the symmetrical condition it was before the damage happened. Once this first step is complete, we’d machine sand the wheel, followed by hand sanding, and priming.

If repairing a Tesla wheel, the most popular wheel colour we find is called Sonic Carbon. This colour has a bluish carbon look. To obtain this colour first, we need to draw on our memory with previous experience repairing this wheel to remember what the colour looks like. Then we would dial the paint code in our system. The system will give us a formula which contains black, silver, white, red, blue, and brown all rolled into one to make this colour. Once we’ve mixed the correct paint, it’s time to start colouring the damaged area on our alloy wheel repair Northern Beaches by adding multiple coats of paint. Once we’re happy with the colour match from new to old paint, it’s time to put the icing on the cake and finish with a thick layer of clear coat. When the time comes to present our work to the customer, most people are blown away by the results.

The reasons above are why you need to trust experienced mag wheel repair Northern Beaches technicians from Scratch Vanish to look after all the fine details professionally and adequately. If we can deliver a higher standard of repair work and professionalism than our competitors, we know we’re on the right track to developing long-term relationships.

You may be a meticulous car owner who takes pride in maintaining your vehicle to a high standard, or you may have just purchased or are planning to sell a used car. Whatever the reason, Scratch Vanish has you covered for your mag wheel repairs Northern Beaches.

If you’d like to have your wheels repaired to a condition like new, please don’t hesitate to contact us. For us to be able to provide a price, please send photos clearly showing the whole alloy wheel in each image.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We can repair all rim damage, from scratches to gouges and dents. Please send photos of the damage, and we can quote accordingly.
We provide expert mobile wheel repair services with a fast turnaround time in the comfort of your home or workplace. We only require access to power and off-street parking to complete the work.

Repairing your alloy wheels is perfectly safe as long as a skilled technician is doing so. Removing the tyres is unnecessary, so no refitting or balancing is required.

There’s no need to replace wheels when some can cost more than $5000/wheel on some European cars, and they can be repaired to a condition like new without going to such extremes.