Wheel Repair North Shore

Wheel Repair North Shore

Scratch Vanish operates from the Lower to Upper North Shore of Sydney, including all areas between servicing alloy wheel repairs for residents and business owners. All of our alloy wheel repairs are completed in the comfort of your home or workplace. To complete an alloy wheel repair North Shore job, we require off-street parking with access to power unless we work on a quiet street with few cars going past.

When Pricing mag wheel repairs North Shore, we consider the amount of damage, the design of your wheels and the colour that needs to be matched to determine what’s involved with the repair. Standard alloy wheels with common colours can be more straightforward to repair than wheels with more intricate designs or custom colours needing colour matching. If the wheels only have minimal damage compared to other wheels with more severe damage, the price will reflect accordingly.

We supply all materials required to complete mobile alloy wheel repair North Shore, and there are no hidden costs. We need you to leave us with the vehicle for no more than 2-3 hours, and we can work our magic.

Alloy Wheel Repair North Shore

Mobile Alloy Wheel North Shore

Mobile Alloy Wheel North Shore

Any wheel repair North Shore technician from Scratch Vanish who comes to assist you with wheel repair is highly skilled and trained to repair almost any type of wheel. When we arrive at the job, firstly, we’ll check over the wheels you’d like repaired, answer any questions you may have and then get down to business in completing the work.

We repair various shades and designs of wheels every week, but one of the most common is the diamond-cut wheel found on most BMWs & Mercedes. These wheels have a dark inside alloy part with a silver face. Repairing this type of wheel usually takes more time than most as the dark alloy part needs to be fully masked around the edge of the silver face to ensure we don’t spread the different coloured paint. Wheels that are only one colour can be more straightforward to alloy wheel paint North Shore depending on the damage’s severity.

When completing alloy wheel repair North Shore, matching rare wheel colours is the same as matching complex car colours, but usually more challenging as we don’t have a paint code to work with. These types of mag wheel repairs North Shore can take longer and be the costliest if we only repair one wheel.

Once the alloy wheel paint North Shore repair is complete, you’ll be sure to be impressed by the standard of work and how immaculate your wheels now look. It’s time to keep them intact and avoid those nasty curbs.

If you’d like to have your wheels repaired to a condition like new, please don’t hesitate to contact us. For us to provide a price, please send photos clearly showing the whole alloy wheel in each image.

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