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Wheel Arch Scratch


Scratches on the arch above the wheel are common and very annoying at the best of times.  When you don’t judge that turn correctly or you may be in a rush and not concentrating properly and your wheel arch scrapes along a wall or pole.

If the scratch is overly large and runs onto the door and up the side panel this is something only a body shop can repair.  If it’s on the flat arched part of the car and running down the panel this is usually something our experts can deal with.

Just the same as work we complete the parts of the car where overspray could get on are masked off correctly to ensure the protection of the car.

As professional repairers there are a number of things we need to take into consideration which a body shop doesn’t, such as weather, where the repair will be done and potential hazards which could wreck or damage the work half-way through the job before completion. Prior to starting we will take all of this into account to make sure the job is completed properly.

Please send through a close-up picture showing the damage and another one standing a little further back so the panel of the car where the damage is can be seen properly. The photos must be in good light.

Once we receive this we will contact you back usually immediately with a price or any questions that we have.