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Wheel Arch Scratch Repair

Wheel Arch Scratch Repair & Mobile Dent Repair Service

Scratch Vanish Provides professional mobile wheel arch dent repair and car door paint repair services in the comfort of your home or workplace in and around the Sydney area.

The wheel arch or dog leg is a part of the car that many people perceive differently where it’s located on the vehicle, depending on the make and model of the car and whether the repair required is a scratch or minor dent repair.

Some vehicles have a single panel between the door and bumper panel, which is perceived as a wheel arch, whereas most vehicles have a panel known as a fender, a separate panel between the bumper and door. In some cars, these two panels are joined or split.

The mobile dent repair service you require can vary greatly, depending on how hard the impact was and at what speed. 99% of the time, Scratch Vanish can implement wheel arch paint repair and fix the damage to a condition “as good as new”. Harder impacts usually require wheel arch dent repair and additional work to repair the damage.

Once pictures are provided and assessed, we can ascertain whether both minor dent repair and wheel arch scratch repair are required.  In many cases, there’s more scratching than denting on the arch than the door, as per our photo example above.

Most customers require wheel arch paint repair as the main priority as that area usually has more significant damage, and then minor car door paint repair to ensure all the damage is removed adequately. When performing car door paint repair, the damage is usually a tiny scratching on the door edge, so it should just be a minor repair and blend into the existing door panel. Still, the damage is occasionally more extensive, and the entire door may need repainting.

Our expert mobile technicians have all the necessary equipment to perform such repairs, but we aren’t a static shop, so there are limitations to the repairs we do. Please click get a quote and send photos of the damage, and our team will assess what repair method is required and give you a cost-effective option with a fast turnaround time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Wheel Arch Scratch Repair service specialises in repairing cosmetic damage and more severe impairments to restore the integrity and appearance of your vehicle’s wheel arches.
The extent of the damage determines the optimal repair method. Our skilled technicians will machine sand, hand sand, or fill and sand by matching the colour and applying the paint.
There are multiple ways and methods dents can be removed, such as using machine tools, hot glue pulling, or dismantling the panel and banging it out. Our technicians will assess and implement the correct method required.

Mobile repair services are highly effective for wheel arch damages, offering convenience, cost efficiency, and quality repairs comparable to traditional body shops.