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Terms & Conditions

Quality of Repair

Car buyers when buying a car tend not to notice the slight colour difference between the car body and it’s plastic trim parts.  With new cars, all plastic components including bumpers are painted by a second tier supplier using “2 component low bake” whereas the car body is usually painted with “1 component high bake” This results in slight colour differences which the manufacturer works very hard to minimize.  This is the same with refinish paint suppliers and body shops who also work very hard to minimize the paint difference between the original paint and the repaired areas but a slight colour difference is still commercially acceptable and no different to what can be expected of a new car.

Unlike a smash repair shop where a repair is done in a machine controlled environment, our repairs are done outside or in garages and thus we are limited to outside conditions.  Usually our repairs are very close to perfect even though we do not paint the whole panel, we aim for the repair to be a minimum of 97% approx to its original condition. We do what is called “smart repair” where the main aim is for the repair to be unnoticeable to anyone who didn’t know it was previously there. The only way to get a guaranteed ´perfect´ repair is to take it to a top end body shop where the price can be a much as three times our price.

Lease repairs- We do a number of car lease return repairs.  We cannot guarantee that our repair will pass the lease inspection upon returning your car, the reason for this being that the inspectors are trained individuals who are skilled in pointing out aftermarket repairs. As such we will not take liability if any further charges are incurred by the lease company.

In the case of rain falling on the car after the repair, there may be the appearance of white marks which we call ´watermarks´, these should disappear over a few days or you can apply car polish to remove these marks.

Providing Price Estimates

We are able to give quotes via the phone or by email if we are not able to quote in person.  If at the time of carrying out the repair it appears that the work is more than what was highlighted E.G There were previous repairs not done properly by another company on the same place we are repairing and it has created more work on our repair, in this case we will obtain the customers permission to carry out the work at a negotiated price. It is the duty of the customer to advise if any repairs have been carried out on the areas we will be repairing.


We offer a two year guarantee on all our work if the paint peels aside from any rust damage, if at any time a claim is made on the guarantee we will come out to you to redo the repair or offer a refund if we are not able to offer a rectification. If for whatever reason you decide to take the car to a third party to rectify a repair we will not be liable for further costs.

Scratch Vanish will not be held liable for any consequential loss incurred as the result of a repair.

Your Right to Cancel

If after booking a repair you wish to cancel the appointment we require at least 3 days prior notice, failure to do so will lead to a cancellation fee of $50.


Unless agreed in advance we collect payment upon completion of the work.

After Care On Your Vehicle

We advise for the car not to be washed via soap and water for 4 days after the repair. It will take up to 2 weeks for the paint to fully set so we strongly advise against using polishes/waxes within this time frame. We advise against harsh cleaning methods as well as cleaning acids when cleaning the car. Any claim on the above may not be covered within our guarantee.

Prior to the Repair

Can you ensure that the car is clean prior to us coming?  If we are carrying out alloy repairs please be particularly careful to make sure no dust or dirt is in the alloys

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