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Minor Car Scratch Repair

Minor Scratch Removal

Have you managed to scrape your vehicle against something lightly and are unsure whether it needs a proper paint repair? Minor scratches on your car can be a handful. They usually come from tree branches, poles, and light touches with other vehicles. 

Depending on the location and the severity of the damage, Scratch Vanish can assess the area and professionally utilise car buffer scratch repair by light sanding, buffing, and cutting the surface. This is to see if we can fix the problem with minor car scratch removal techniques. We save you the time and trouble of shopping around and asking car washers, detailers, and lastly panel shops to see if there are cheaper alternatives than other repair options.

Mobile Car Scratch Repair Sydney

If we cannot get a result using car light scratch repair techniques, our other option would be to look at doing smart paintwork repairs. This is where we repair the damage and blend the small car scratch repair into the existing paintwork. The other two alternatives are listed below.

1. For metallic cars if the scratch is located on the bonnet or roof it’s usually too difficult to complete a small spot repair and blend the new paint into the old. This is when we would recommend going to a panel shop where they will paint the whole panel.

For non-metallic cars, we have more room to complete minor spot repairs on most panels except the bonnet.

2. We remove as much damage as possible with car buffer scratch repair techniques. Also, we mix some touch-up paint according to the car’s paint code and touch the remaining car light scratch repair using a touch-up brush. We can provide you with your own touch-up repair kit and paint for future minor scratch removal or stone chips.

Car Buffer Scratch Repair

With minor scratches, there is generally a rule most Small Car Scratch Repair technicians stick by.

For horizontal scratches, if you run your fingernail vertically over it and it catches, the scratch will need a proper repair involving a complete repair process from sanding to painting. If your fingernail doesn’t catch on it, it can be buffed out with machine buffing and light sanding. For any scratches that can be buffed and light sanded, we can repair any part of the car.

If the damage is a small chip, usually from a stone, we do not repair these scratches. This type of damage can only be touched up with a brush. For the damage to be repairable, it needs to be more than 1-2 cm. This is because a repair must be smoothed out like repairing a wall. That means the size of the repair will increase from the original size. For this reason, we don’t see it to be practical to repair any scratch under 1-2cm.

We understand that with some of these types of scratches, photos don’t show the scratches clearly. If you can send images of all the major scratches that can be seen in a photograph, we can assess those to start.

Once we receive the images, we will reach out to you immediately with a price or to ask any questions we have.

Minor Car Scratch Repair FAQs

Taking care of minor car scratches is crucial for preserving the value and appearance of your car. Scratch Vanish is an excellent solution for removing these scratches and preventing further damage.

Employing Car Buffer Scratch Repair and Car Light Scratch Repair techniques is highly effective in tackling minor scratches. We specialise in these methods, attempting to achieve the best possible result, and if the damage cannot be removed, we recommend alternative options.


The extent of damage and whether the scratch is catching on your fingernail are the determining factors. If the scratch catches even lightly on your fingernail, it will most likely require complete paint repairs. However, if it can be buffed and sanded lightly, then it will be considered a surface scratch only.

When repairing severe scratches, multiple methods can be used. Our job is to choose the most appropriate method that restores the paint to its original condition while keeping the repair as small as possible.

The cost of repairing significant paint damage can differ based on the extent and size of the affected area. At Scratch Vanish, we guarantee to provide clear and competitive pricing. Our estimates are customized to your specific case, ensuring that you comprehend the worth and quality of the service you will receive.

When dealing with surface-level blemishes, the first step is to assess the depth of the scratch and determine if it can be fixed with light sanding and buffing. In cases where the scratch doesn’t catch on the fingernail, we can remove it by carefully removing thin layers from the clear coat and then repolishing the affected area. Most scratches can be fixed in this way, leaving your surface looking smooth and blemish-free.