Small Repairs

Small scratches on mirrors and in other annoying places on you car can be such a pain.  Usually they come from tree branches, poles and light touches with other cars.  Scratch Vanish has the skills and experience to remove this type of damage depending on the location of the car and severity of the damage.

With small scratches there is generally a rule most mobile repairers stick by.

If the scratch is on the bonnet, roof or side fender in most cases it’s usually too difficult to complete a small spot repair on these parts of the car, as it can be too difficult to blend the paint through.  This is when we would recommend going to a body shop where they will paint the whole panel.

With horizontal scratches if you run your fingernail vertically over it and it catches then the scratch will need a proper repair which will involve the full repair process from sanding to painting.  If your finger nail doesn’t catch on it then it should be able to be buffed out with a machine buffer and light sanding.  If the scratch can be buffed and light sanded we can repair any part of the car.

If the damage is a small chip usually from a stone, we do not repair these scratches.  This type of damage can only be touched up with a brush.  For the damage to be repairable it needs to be more than 1-2cm.  The reason we have this rule in place is when a repair is being completed it must be smoothed out.  That means the size of the repair will increase from the original size like smoothing out a wall.  For this reason we don’t see it practical to be repairing any scratch under 1-2cm.

Please send through close-up pictures showing the damage and another picture standing a little further back so the panel of the car where the damage is can be seen properly.  The photos must be in good light.

Once we receive the images, we will contact you back usually immediately with a price or to ask any questions that we have.