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Maintenance Tips for Alloy Wheels

Many car owners prefer alloy wheels because of the benefits they provide. For one, this type of component is lightweight yet sturdy. They are also easy to modify, allowing you to personalise your car’s appearance. To maintain the alloy’s sleek look, you will need to observe these best care tips prepared specially for you.

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Cleaning the wheels

All vehicle components have a lifespan, and how long they can last is typically up to the owner. As such, you should take charge of cleaning them regularly to make the parts last longer. Ideally, you should clean alloy wheels at least once a week to prevent dust and dirt buildup.

You can start by gently removing loose dirt using any recommended brush. Then, you can wash the wheel with mild soapy water to get rid of grit. Experts advise against using abrasive cleaning materials like wool pads or buffers. These products can leave a scratch on your alloy wheels.

Observing a general maintenance routine

Brake pads face regular wear and tear that can affect their functionality over time. If that happens, your car’s alloy wheels can sustain scratches or dings. You might have to change old and worn brake pads more often, more so if you drive your car daily. Doing so prevents dust accumulation, which is a major culprit in alloy wheel damage.

Broken and worn-out brake pads have corrosive components that cause splits and cracks in the wheel. You can prevent this issue by regularly checking and replacing these components when necessary. You may also install brake dust shields to protect the wheels. This accessory prevents dust from building up, helping you keep the sheen of the alloys for longer.

It’s essential to include this crucial step in your car care and maintenance routine. Maintaining your alloy wheels requires careful attention to other parts that affect their form and function.

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Fixing scratched or damaged alloys

Cleaning and performing maintenance checks can extend the lifespan of your alloy wheels. However, the wheels may eventually succumb to wear and tear, causing cosmetic or functional damage. The most common problems are scratches, which cause the alloy to lose its aesthetic value.

When it’s time to fix your alloy wheels, there is no better option than to rely on an expert’s help. Scratch Vanish is a mobile body repair shop comprising technicians who know how to maintain alloy wheels efficiently. For alloy rim care and repair, a professional can always restore the new-like quality of your car components.

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