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How to Tell If You Got a Quality Bumper Repair Job

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When you take your car home from the auto body shop after having your bumper fixed, you should examine it carefully and check whether the shop was able to properly finish the repair you asked for. There are many instances where a car owner, in their haste to be able to use their vehicle again, fails to see that the repair service was actually not as good as they thought it was.

To tell whether you actually got the kind of service that you paid for or not, here are some important points to check.

Touch the Area

Many times, it would appear that the scratches have all gone but when you run your fingers lightly over the surface, you can still clearly feel them there. In that case, the scratch was not really repaired but only covered up.

Check the Color of the Paint

It can be pretty hard to find a perfect match to certain car paint colors so you have to scrutinize the repair carefully to see if the shop was able to do it properly. Look at the repaired area from different angles and with different lighting. The colors might seem identical at first but there might be a stark difference that will only be visible in certain light settings.

Ask about Warranty

The best bumper repairs Sydney will always have a warranty for all their services. In case the paint starts to peel off shortly after you get your car back, or some other similar problem occurs, such a warranty would be very useful.

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