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How to Keep Your Alloy Rims Scratch-Free

If you have alloy wheels for your vehicle, chances are you paid a good amount of money for them. Therefore, it’s essential to keep it in top form for a long time to make it worth the price. However, it is almost always a case of easier said than done. Your wheels will face regular wear and tear that can cause scratches and other cosmetic damage.

Unforeseen situations like hitting deep potholes or parking too close to a kerb can create marks on alloy wheels. When ignored, these tiny scratches can turn into even bigger problems in the future. Fortunately, there are ways to protect your alloy rims and keep them scratch-free.

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Drive cautiously

One can never be too careful when driving—you never know when an accident may occur. There is always room to improve the way you drive. For instance, avoiding a kerb and being extra careful during turns are a good start. Although parking near pavement is sometimes unavoidable, proper parallel parking is a good skill to have in such situations.

As for potholes, it’s best to slow down to lessen the impact on your wheels. Avoiding contact with any object is the key, although it is not a foolproof method. Still, driving carefully is one of the ways to keep your alloy rims scratch-free.

Clean wheels regularly

Your car needs all the care it needs to last, and cleaning it regularly is a must. You need to brush off loose dirt to prevent it from accumulating and potentially causing scratches. When washing, use mild, soapy water to gently loosen the grit. You should also avoid acidic chemicals since it eats through the lacquer. Do not use anything abrasive.

Prepare for winter

Most manufacturers recommend a sealant for alloy wheels to use during winter. This product creates a barrier that shields the material from contaminants on the road like salt and dirt. Another measure you can take is to swap your regular wheels with winter-rated replacements fit for the season.

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Use rim protectors

Something as simple as a rim protector strip can go a long way in keeping alloy rims scratch-free. This accessory acts as a shield between the wheel and any hazard on and off the road. Some rim protectors can be attached to the wheel’s exterior. In some cases, you may need to deflate the tyre to place the strip on the rim’s edge.

In any case, getting help from smart car repair specialists is a surefire way to extend the life of alloy wheels. Scratch Vanish is the leading mobile scratch repair expert that lets you skip the trip to your auto repair service shop. You can trust the team to provide supreme quality care and repair work for your alloy wheels. The company doesn’t take shortcuts, ensuring long-lasting results that elevate your vehicle’s aesthetic.

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