Quality of Our Repair Services

When purchasing a car, most buyers don’t see the almost imperceptible variation in color between the body of the vehicle and the plastic parts, including the bumper. This disparity exists because there are actually two different methods of painting that are used on these car parts when new. The bumpers get the 2-component low bake method while the body gets the 1-component high bake method. Car manufacturers do everything they can to reduce the difference but most of the time, a 100% similarity is near impossible to achieve. Auto body shops and repairers face the same challenge in minimizing the differences between the paint on the repaired area versus the original paint of the car. A slight variation is still considered to be commercially acceptable.

Unlike a smash repair shop where a repair is done in a spray booth set to the ideal temperature, our repairs are done outside or in garages and thus we are limited to outside conditions. Most repairs we complete are close to perfect if not perfect. We target a minimum of 97% accuracy to its original condition, which we always achieve. Our repaint service uses the smart repair methodology which makes the repair invisible to anyone who was not aware of the previous damage.

It is possible to get your car back to 100% of its original condition, and this involves taking your vehicle to specialty auto body shops, which comes with fees 2-3 times our price

We regularly complete car lease return repairs and have done hundreds without any negative feedback. Our repairs are done to the highest standard but we do not promise that our repairs will not be detected by the trained eyes of a lease inspector. In the event that the repair fails the inspection, Scratch Vanish shall not be held liable for further expenses due to fees charged by the lease company.

Accuracy of Our Price Estimates

All price estimates are done through email, text or a phone call after providing pictures of the damage in most cases. There might be instances where at the time of carrying out the repair it appears that the work is more than what was highlighted. For example, there might have been previous repairs not done properly by another company on the same place we are repairing and it has created more work on our new repair of the same area. In this case, we will show the customer what the issue is and discuss any additional charges and what extra work is to be carried out. It is the duty of the customer to advise if any repairs have been carried out on the areas we will be attending to.


All Scratch Vanish jobs come with a 2-year guarantee that covers the peeling of the paint that is not due to rust. If within 2 years, you make a valid claim on our guarantee, we will go to you and rectify the issue. If our attempt fails, we will give you a refund. All our warranties will be considered void if you take your vehicle to a third party in order to have the problem fixed. Scratch Vanish shall also not take liability if you incur additional expenses due to the repair by a different repairer.

Payment Settlement

We only charge for our services when our work has been completed, unless there was a different agreement made beforehand.

Pre-Repair Care

Before scheduling your car for repair and repaint, we strongly advise that you clean it properly first. It is especially important that there is no big build-up of dirt or dust in the alloys if you are hiring us for alloy repair services.

Post-Repair Maintenance and Care

We strongly suggest that you refrain from washing your car with soap and water for at least 4 days following the completion of our repair service. We also discourage the use of wax or polish for at least 1 week as the clear coat requires this period to cure completely. Finally, we dissuade clients from using harsh chemicals and cleaning methods after the repair. Doing any of these things will eliminate the validity of our guarantee.