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Do $20 Scratch Pens Work? Car Bumper Scratch Repair Sydney

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Scratch Repair Pens.  Do They Work? Car Bumper Scratch Repair Sydney

As mobile car bumper scratch repair Sydney, we are frequently asked the question whether these types of products, usually scratch repair pens actually work. There are many suppliers on the market claiming these products really work and can save you oodles of money.  Is it really possible to bypass all the car repair services out there from car detailers to minor car paint repairers, like us all the way to the smash repair shop?  Let’s take a closer look at these products against the traditional clear coat scratch repair method of sanding and buffing.

How do These Car Scratch Repair Pens Work  

The tip of the pen is filled with a type of liquid that’s very similar to clear coat or lacquer.  The liquid is very similar to but not exactly the same as the out layer of the car.  Scratch repair pen companies like Dupicolour claim their pens can provide a professional end product result, the same as a repairer for a cost as little as $10.00.  The pens come in all different colours from white to black and silver and they are promoted as being an effective repair method for all colours.

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Is The Miracle Scratch Repair Pen True?

As professional mobile car bumper scratch repair Sydney we can assure you that you will not even get close to the same result as a traditional sand and buff which will leave the scratch completely unnoticeable.  When sanding and buffing car scratches, different types of sandpaper, liquid products and buffing pads are used.  It’s very difficult to achieve a high quality result with one of these pens, by trying to fill the scratch.  You need to have had lots of practice and a very solid hand to end up with something ok.  The width of the pen tip can make a difference in the end result as most scratches will be finer than the pen tip, which will leave left over residue highlighting the scratch.  Especially with dark cars the end result using one of these pens can be even worse than before attempted.  When professionally painting cars the colour builds up with more coats, where as when using one of these pens the colour will never be spot on.  The scratch will usually be more visible. If the scratch has gone right through the clear coat and through to the plastic part of the bumper then there will be no chance whatsoever of improving the scratch.  This type of scratch can only be repaired by a professional mobile car bumper scratch repair Sydney technician who will complete a repair properly from start to finish.

Car Bumper Scratch Repair Sydney Conclusion

There you have it, the secret regarding these pens is out of the box.  If you wish to try one of these scratch repair pens then do so at your own risk.  If repairs were this easy, then we would stock them by the truck load.  We will stick to the old fashioned bumper scratch repair methods. Thanks for reading this Blog.