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DIY Solutions for a Cracked Bumper

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A lot of people tend to avoid spending on something if they believe they can do it just as well as professionals can. Of course, that is not always the recommended route but there wouldn’t be any harm in trying.

In case you discover that your bumper has a crack, there are a few techniques that you can try to do in order to salvage it instead of calling in the experts right away.

Plastic Weld Method

This is a trusted solution that many car owners have relied on over the years. First, you might want to remove the bumper from your vehicle to make the job easier. After aligning the crack, you can use a regular soldering iron to weld the plastic of the bumper together, starting with the outside then moving into the inside. Let the plastic cool then use a piece of sandpaper to flatten and smooth the welded part. You can then finish by priming and painting the bumper with the appropriate paint.

Epoxy Glue

This is more like a band aid solution that will keep your bumper together in case you need to go on a drive before you get a chance to have your bumper repaired. In some cases, the epoxy solution might be enough to get your car to pass state inspection but in other cases, it might not.

For your safety and also for the aesthetics of your vehicle, it is always better to call professional bumper repairs Sydney to get a more polished job. If you do not have the time to bring your car to the body shop, you can always call a mobile bumper repair Sydney service, like Scratch Vanish, who will come to wherever you are and fix your bumper scratches right there and then.