Diamond Cut Wheel Repair Sydney

Diamond cut machine wheel repair Sydney is becoming the new norm in the alloy wheel repair industry. This type of wheel is most commonly found on European cars but recently most Japanese car manufacturers have been releasing newer vehicles which require diamond cut wheel refurbishment.

Diamond cut wheels have a face that looks similar to a CD and when you look closely at it, you can see faint horizontal lines on most wheels and on some the lines are more pronounced.  If the lines on the wheel are more pronounced the only option is for a CNC machine wheel repair under our lathe using robotic technology and cutting tools.

If you have a real eye for detail we would recommend going the whole hog and allowing us to complete your diamond cut wheel repair Sydney under our lathe to achieve the best possible result, like brand new.

Please send us some images of your wheels that require CNC machine wheel repair and we will be able to determine what the best and most cost effective repair method is whether it be a mobile repair or a machine wheel repair Sydney.



Frequently Asked Questions

How do you complete my Machine Wheel Repair Sydney?

Our team will come to your home, jack up your car and remove all wheels to be repaired. Your vehicle will stay on jacks until they’ve been returned and repaired. Alternatively, we can take one wheel at a time and replace the wheel we have taken with your spare wheel (Pick up and drop off fees are based on what area we are picking up and dropping off from and to).

How Long Does it Take to Complete Diamond Cut Wheel Repair Sydney?

Usually it takes a 1-2 business days to complete your diamond cut alloy wheel repair.

What if the Wheel has too much Damage and is Unable to be CNC Machine Wheel Repaired?

If there is too much damage on the wheel for us to complete a repair like new, our team will advise you of alternative options whether it be making the existing damage as least noticeable as possible or potentially replacing that wheel.

How do I Know you will Come Back on Time with my Diamond Cut Wheel Refurbishment?

It’s our obligation as your professional CNC machine wheel repair expert to always ensure the best level of service. Prior to taking on the work we will provide you with a completion date/time. If for some reason we are delayed in returning your diamond cut wheel refurbishment longer than our quoted time frame, we will fit the bill for a hire car for how many days late we are!x