Nasty bar scratches can be so annoying when you just take your mind off the job for one silly moment, while driving into that steep driveway or evading those annoying yellow poles that seem to poke out everywhere in tight car parks.

Gone are the days of having to go to the panel shop and wait 3 days for your car to be returned after they explain to you the whole bar needs repainting and must be taken off and hung up to repair.

Scratch Vanish provides a professional and convenient service at affordable prices.

Our repairers understand what’s required to provide a high quality repair service in the hassle free environment of your own home or business.  We use only top quality automotive paint products imported from Europe to guarantee a great long lasting finish.  When colour matching we use cutting edge technology to make sure the right colour goes on the car.

One of the most important aspects when completing any panel repair is preparation.  Once the damage is removed and the surface is prepared correctly then it’s ready for our artists to polish it all off with a high quality spray paint job.  Prior to painting we make sure all areas where over spray could get on the car are properly masked off.

As we are usually working outside we need to take into consideration many aspects which a body shop doesn’t such as weather, where the repair will be done and potential hazards which could wreck our repair half way through completion.  Prior to starting a job, we will take all of these factors into account.  This is one major reason any job we complete must have off street parking with some space and access to power.

Please send through close-up pictures showing the damage and others standing a little further back so the panel of the car where the damage is, can be seen properly.  The photos must be in good light.

Once we receive the images we will contact you back, usually immediately with a price or any questions that we have.