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Bumper Bar Repairs Sydney

Scratch Vanish provides a professional, customer-focused, and convenient service at affordable prices, delivering high-quality results for bumper repairs. Our service operates throughout the Sydney region.

Gone are the days of having to go to the panel shop to fix bumper scratch and wait three days for your car to be returned after they explain to complete a plastic bumper repair, the whole bar needs repainting and must be taken off the car and hung up then put back on and all sensors need rewiring.

When completing bumper bar repairs Sydney, we must consider many aspects that a traditional panel shop doesn’t. This includes the location of the repair and potential hazards that could arise while we complete the bumper repairs. Before starting a plastic bumper scratch repair job, we will consider these factors. This is one of the primary reasons any job we complete must have off-street parking with some space and access to power unless we’re working on a tranquil street which doesn’t have regular vehicles coming past.

Preparation is one of the most critical aspects when completing any bumper scratch repair. Once the damage is removed using multiple methods and the surface is as smooth and clean as possible, it’s ready for our artists to polish off the plastic bumper repair with a skilled spray paint job. Before painting, we ensure all areas where over-spray could get on the car are properly masked off and then some.

Before commencing work for Scratch Vanish, the repairers undergo rigorous bumper repairs training and understand what’s required to provide high-end repair service in the hassle-free environment of your home or business. When we complete plastic bumper scratch repair, we use only top-quality automotive paint products imported from Europe to guarantee an excellent, long-lasting finish. Unlike other fix bumper scratch repairers, we won’t skimp on the quality of our materials to generate a higher profit margin.

Plastic Bumper Repair

You can rest assured that the paint we put on your car to fix bumper scratch damage is no different than the quality direct from the manufacturer. When colour matching for plastic bumper repair, we use cutting-edge technology to ensure the right colour goes on the car. Some colours can be more challenging to match than others, even after utilising all the technology and resources we have at hand. When this happens, it comes back to the skill of the technician completing the bumper scratch repair to adjust the colour accordingly to what’s required to get an unnoticeable match between the old and the new paintwork.

When completing bumper scratch repair work, we aim to provide a higher level of service and a better standard than our competitors. If we do this, we know we’re on the right track to developing and maintaining long-term relationships with repeat business.

Nasty bumper bar scratch repairs Sydney can be annoying when you take your mind off the job for one silly moment while driving into that steep driveway or evading those pesky yellow poles that seem to poke out everywhere in many tight car parks. No need to stress Scratch Vanish is here to help.

If you require our assistance, please send close-up pictures showing the damage and others standing further back so the full panel of the car with the damage can be seen. The photos must be in good light.

Once we receive the images, we will contact you back, usually immediately, with a price or any questions that we have. Click get a quote to see our contact options, or fill in the form!

Red Bumper Repairs

Frequently Asked Questions

The price depends on the extent of the damage to the plastic bumper. We offer the highest calibre service for plastic bumper scratch repair at competitive costs.

The extent of the damage and the repair method required can affect the cost of the repair. Every case is different depending on the colour, extent of damage and location of the repair on the car.

Our plastic bumper repair services effectively repair bumper bars, addressing everything from little scratches to more significant dents.

Absolutely! Our specialised procedures in bumper scratch repair can eliminate scratches from plastic bumpers, restoring them to their original condition.