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Mobile Bumper Repair Northern Beaches

Scratch Vanish provides professional, on-time bumper scratch repair Northern Beaches from Balgowlah to Newport and all areas in between. Our friendly technicians are based locally and are fully equipped to service bumper repairs Northern Beaches on all types of cars. Our service is fully mobile, and we come to you at your convenience in the comfort of your home or workplace.

When we arrive to complete a mobile bumper repair Northern Beaches, firstly, we’ll take into account the location of the job that is to be completed and any potential hazards that may arise. Unlike a traditional repair shop, we usually work in obscure places such as on the side of driveways or in tight car parks. We will reposition your vehicle accordingly to allow enough space for the work. Off-street parking and access to power within 40m are required to complete all jobs unless you live on a very quiet Street where only a few cars go past. Now we’re all set and ready to get started on your bumper restoration Northern Beaches. We’ll get to work immediately as all our materials are handy and prepared to go in the back of our ute.

Mobile Bumper Repair Northern Beaches

Car Bumper Repair Northern Beaches

Bumper Scratch Repair Northern Beaches

The technician will ascertain firstly how deep the damaged area is and what grade of sandpaper to start with or whether a fill is required. Once we’ve smoothed the damaged area, it’s time to mask the bumper scratch repair Northern Beaches. When masking, we cover all the areas that paint could get on from overspray and then some extra to be sure. The paint is mixed by dialing the car’s paint code to our system, generating a formula matching the car’s paint. The paint will then be tested before it is put on the vehicle. If any adjustments to the paint we’ve just mixed are required, the technician is trained to handle this accordingly.

Next, we review the car bumper repair Northern Beaches that we’re doing and do all our checks and balances to ensure everything is perfect and ready to start painting. Paint is poured into a high-end mini smart repair spray gun, and off we go. One common question we get asked is how many coats you do. There is no set amount of coats as some colours cover easier than others. Once we’ve built the colour up to be the same as the other parts of the car, it’s time to showcase our work with a nice clear coat on top.

By the time we unmask the car and ask you to come and have a look at your bumper restoration Northern Beaches, we’re confident you’ll be impressed with the results. Job is done; another happy customer!

Scratch Vanish are experts in completing bumper repairs Northern Beaches and prides itself on delivering a higher level of customer service and hands-on job quality than our competitors: all materials and everything required to complete the work we provide. There are no extra costs or hidden charges when we arrive at the job. We usually need your car keys from you, and we can take care of the rest.

If you require our assistance, please send close-up pictures showing the damage and others standing further back so the full panel of the car with the damage can be seen. The photos must be in good light.

Once we receive the images, we will contact you back, usually within 15 minutes, with a price or any questions. Click get a quote to see our contact options, or fill in the form!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Bumper Repairs Northern Beaches

The cost of bumper scratch repair in the Northern Beaches can vary depending on the severity and size of the scratch. Our service offers competitive pricing to ensure quality and affordability.

Yes. Our mobile bumper repair service in the Northern Beaches specialises in erasing scratches and restoring your bumper’s pristine condition with precision and efficiency.


Bumper scratch repair requires expertise and expensive trade-quality equipment. To achieve high-quality results, it is not recommended to attempt the repair yourself or rely on cheap equipment from car shops.

The black moulded plastic that surrounds the corner of the bumper on most cars is a guard to protect against damage. This is not designed to be repaired but only replaced.

For professional restoration of deep scratches, our team will assess the damage and, determine the appropriate filler paint, and finish the work accordingly.

The cost of removing scratches from front bumpers depends on their depth and length. We offer transparent pricing without hidden costs that won’t break the bank.