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Bad Luck, Can Minor Car Paint Repair Sydney Fix it?

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Common Places Minor Car Damage Keeps On Occurring And Can Minor Car Paint Repair Sydney Fix It?

Car scratches can occur in all different types of not so wonderful ways. Some of these car scratches and damage can be removed by minor car paint repair Sydney and other damaged areas may need a more concentrated in depth repair. Unfortunately this damage seems to keep happening in the same frustrating places. We’ve listed below the most common places the damage keeps happening.

Car Parks

Have you arrived home from you’re trip to the shops and got out of your car to a nasty surprise. I think this has happened to us all, at one time or another. If it’s only a small scratch, usually minor car paint repair Sydney can remove it cheaply but if by the unfortunate chance it’s a deeper scratch, then a proper more in depth repair may be required.

People not paying attention can brush up against your car with a zip from a carry bag or with something they are holding that can cause damage.  Sometimes a trolley might hit your car from someone not in full control of the load there carrying or you could even hit a trolley from someone being inconsiderate and just leaving there empty trolley in a place your car doesn’t like. The most common damage we hear from our customers in car parks is someone reversed into them when attempting to park in a tight car park. Depending on the severity of these scratches, we may be able to do a minor car paint repair Sydney and remove the scratch with light sanding and buffing, otherwise if the damage is more severe a full in depth repair would be required from start to finish.

Minor Car Paint Repair Sydney

Motor Bike Handles Scraping Against Your Car

Car scratches from motor bike handles is one of our most common repairs caused, not by the person driving the car. Motorbikes weaving in and out of traffic and miss-judging tight gaps. It can be very unpleasant when you here that screeching sound of your wing mirror being scratched by a bike handle or even worse, the side of your car.

The most annoying thing about handle scratches is the offender’s number plate is normally hard to see and the person usually keeps on going without stopping because they know you cannot get out of your car to chase them. We classify wing mirror repairs suitable for a minor car paint repair Sydney as mirrors are only a small areas. Rarely do these types of scratches penetrate deep into your cars surface, thank god!

Unloading From Car Boots 

Scraping your car boot when unloading is another one of our most common repairs, that most of us have been guilty of at some point in time. This usually occurs when you’re picking up something heavy from the back of your car and you don’t lift it high enough and scrape your back bumper. In most cases this type of damage requires the full works bumper scratch repair as the scrape is usually from something heavy causing deep damage and large chips.

Roads That Have Gravel or Pebbles

Stone chips from pebbles are so annoying and near impossible to avoid. Any car that is more than a year old will usually have some stone chips caused by pebbles flicking up from the tyres. This type of damage can be minimized by staying off gravel and dirt roads, but we consistently speak to car owners who have bought new cars and never driven on these types of roads, but the stone chips are still appearing. Stone chips can usually be touched up only with a brush as they are not practical to fully repair unless they are from large rocks.


There you have it; these are the most common ways to damage your vehicle which are near unavoidable. Most people are lucky and go for years without any type of serious damage, other than a stone chip or two where as others encounter more unlikely events that lead to worse damage. I think we can all agree that luck plays a major part when it comes to this.