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Mobile Alloy Wheel Repair - Different Types of Repairs We Do

Scratch Vanish understands what’s required to fix alloy wheel scratches and repair all different types of wheels. For a car alloy wheel repair to be the highest possible standard it needs to be modern, ideally no more than 10 years old and in an intact state, meaning no excessive peeling or corrosion.  If it has large chips out then we may not be able to complete a high-quality repair and bring it back to a showroom like finish.  Please see below our 5 most common repair types.

Silver Alloy Rim Repair

Silver is still the most common type of car alloy wheel repair that we do day in day out. Silver wheels are found on almost every brand of car from Aston Martins to Land Rovers and Hondas.  There are many different designs and shades of silver from light silver to gunmetal grey.  No matter what type of silver you have our technicians have the necessary tools to match the colour and provide you with an excellent end result.

Gloss Black Alloy Rim Repair

Wheels with a gloss black finish seem to be becoming more in vogue each and every day as the new car market continues to thrive.  This type of finish is most common on Land Rovers, Mustangs, Jaguars, Hyundai & BMW.  To ensure a quality gloss black alloy wheels repair the surface needs extra attention and preparation prior to us applying any paint.  We provide the full-service car alloy wheel repair by removing all scratches and matching the gloss finish to restore the wheels back to the excellence they were before the damage occurred.


Matt & Satin Black Alloy Rim Repair

Matt & Satin Black Alloy Rim Repair

Matte Black & Satin Black finishes are very similar in appearance but far less common than the Gloss Variety.  Land Rover, Mazda, Honda and Renault are the most common makes of car that have stock wheels in a Matte Black Finish.  Custom or painted wheels regularly have a matte or satin finish also.  When we complete a mobile alloy wheel repair with a matte or satin finish you will be impressed with the end result.  Once complete the repaired area will blend in perfectly with the existing paint. The only difference between the matte and gloss repair method is the application of the clear coat. A gloss finish will be shiny and reflecting whereas a satin finish will leave a softer black look and matte will leave a flatter black look.

Shadow Chrome Alloy Wheels Repair

Shadow Chrome Wheels compared to all the other types of wheels listed that we repair are probably the least common. Shadow chrome wheels can be painted in various shades from a darker shade, almost like a light black right down to a shade almost the same as standard silver. Commonly the shadow chrome wheels are painted in a shade somewhere in between silver and black. This type of Alloy Wheels Repair is not offered by all mobile alloy wheel repair companies, the reason being only advanced painters are comfortable completing the additional steps required to perform a quality shadow chrome alloy wheel painting service. Shadow Chrome wheels are painted in such a way that reflects light from different angles. When we complete a shadow chrome wheel repair we fix alloy wheel scratches, repair all damaged areas and blend the new paintwork into the old leaving the wheel refurbished as good as new.

Shadow Chrome Alloy Wheels Repair

Machine Finish or Diamond Cut Alloy Rim Repair

Machine Finish or Diamond Cut Alloy Rim Repair

Machine finished or diamond cut wheels began being released on vehicles after 2010 and seem to be becoming more popular on all types of vehicles as time goes on.  The wheel designs can be quite intricate with breaks and figure-like designs in between the machine polished parts of the alloy. The most common version of diamond cut wheels usually has a dark gun metal grey inside and a machine face running along the outside lip.

There are two ways these types of wheels can be repaired:

A. The alloy wheel needs to come off the tyres and put under a diamond tip lathe. Once the wheel is on the lathe the in-built computer system is programmed according to the design of the wheel. A small layer of alloy is skimmed off the top restoring the wheels to an OEM finish. Some types of wheels aren’t able to be machined due to the design.

Diamond Cut Mobile Alloy Wheel Repair

B. The no frills but still cost-effective mobile alloy wheel repair method for diamond cut wheels is to mask off the dark inside part of the wheel and prepare the silver machined area we are repairing as perfect as humanly possible. This allows us to replicate a finish very close to a machine. Once this is done, we put a thin layer of paint over the top which blends into the wheel making it very difficult to see a repair has been done.  When the damage is heavy and deep extra preparation is required to sand all the minor scratches out of the machine face. We can access the level of damage once we see pictures of the wheels, you’d like repaired.

Full Repaint & Colour Change Alloy Wheel Painting Service

You may have recently purchased a new vehicle and don’t like the colour of the wheels that come with the car. Scratch Vanish has a solution to your conundrum. Why not specify a colour for us to paint your wheels in and our alloy wheel painting service will do it professionally and properly at a price far cheaper than buying new wheels. Full repainting of wheels to replicate the new product works best on alloys that have minimal damage and are no more than 5 years old. We remove the wheels from the car, repair any damage and paint the wheels in your chosen colour. You can choose from a standard colour such as shown in our examples or you may have a particular colour that you know the name of that we can custom mix for you. Please contact us for more information.

Prices for Car Alloy Wheel Repair

When pricing wheel repairs we will firstly assess the extent and amount of damage and determine what’s involved with the repair and how long it will take. Once we do this, we’ll be able to provide a fair price accordingly. If the damage is less than ¼ of the wheel we’d usually be able to give a 20-25% discount on standard pricing. Many of our competitors will give a flat price on each wheel no matter how much damage there is. We always try to be as transparent and fair as possible with all of our prices.

Please send us photos clearly showing the damage for an accurate quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our alloy wheel chip repair services can meticulously repair scratches on alloy wheels, making your wheels look new.
The charge for mobile rim repair depends on the severity of the damage. We offer competitive rates and can provide an accurate quote after the team receives pictures.
The most effective way to utilise our alloy wheel painting service involves grinding, sanding and painting the wheel to ensure a top-notch result.
More often than not, our Mobile Alloy Rim Repair Services can cater to more than 95% of wheels on the market today to restore your rims to their original condition.