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3 Simple Solutions to Minor Car Scratches

Minor Car Scratches

Regularly driving your car makes it more prone to minor car scratches. Something as simple as accidentally swiping your car keys on the paint can leave a mark. However, there is no need to panic since tiny nicks and scuffs are usually easy to fix. Here are three hassle-free ways of removing scratches that blemish your car.

Solution for clear coat scratches

Firstly, try running a fingernail on the mark. Does it glide once you touch it, or does it catch on your nail? If your finger slides off and the scratch feels bare there, a simple wash and polish will do. Using mild, soapy water, rinse the area and gently scrub it with a microfiber towel or sponge. Then, rinse it with water and that should do the trick.

For mild scratches, you can try the toothpaste method. After washing the area, you can apply smooth toothpaste on the scratch in circular motions. Next, rinse the paste after five minutes and wipe it dry with a soft cloth. This DIY solution works best for surface-level scratches.

Some surface scratches may require buffing to remove and restore the new-like sheen of the car paint. You can do so by machine buffing after washing and drying the car. Then, you can apply a finishing compound on the buffing pad and move the machine buffer in circular motion. After the scratch is removed wipe off any residue left on the car with a new cloth.

Car Scratch Repair Sydney

Solution for glass scratches

Car windows and the windshield are also prone to minor scratches. A simple graze of any sharp object can leave a line on the glass. These scratches might be tiny, but an accumulation of these little marks can disturb your vision.

You can fix glass scratches by using regular household items. With a lint-free cloth, put some glass cleaner on and wipe the area clean with it. You can also try the toothpaste method on this type of scratch.

Hire a scratch repair provider

If you tried these simple solutions yet nothing works out, seeking professional help is the next best step. Some scratches, no matter how minor they seem, may go deeper than you assume. As such, the only way to get them off is by having experts solve the problem. These specialists have the necessary skills and equipment to get rid of stubborn scratches on your car’s bodywork.

Scratch Vanish can deliver the most suitable solutions for minor car scratches. As a mobile services provider, the team will head to your location once you book a request. You can expect best-in-class results from the care of professionals who know the ins and outs of scratch repair!




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