How to Keep Your Wheel Arches in Brand New Condition

Wheel arches are among the parts of a car that are most susceptible to damage due to its constant exposure to dust, moisture and all kinds of road debris. They are highly prone to getting scratches and forming rust. Regular Cleaning This is the simplest thing you can do in order to protect your wheel […]

Steel or Alloy Wheels: Which Is the Better Choice?

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to the kind of metal that you want for your rims. Both steel and alloy do have their own pros and cons and your choice would depend on your own personal preferences. In order to make the most suitable decision, you should understand the features […]

Everything You Need to Know about Alloy Wheels

If you have just recently purchased new alloy wheels for your car or if you are thinking of making the switch from steel to alloy, it would be a good idea to learn what you can about alloy wheels. This way, you will be able to care for them better and make them last for […]

What You Should Look for in an Alloy Wheel Repair Shop

It can be quite a challenge to find a good alloy wheel scratch repair shop near you, especially if you don’t know exactly what to look for. Naturally, you want a shop that can give you the best quality for the most affordable price. In addition to that, here are some other criteria to consider […]

How to Tell If You Got a Quality Bumper Repair Job

When you take your car home from the auto body shop after having your bumper fixed, you should examine it carefully and check whether the shop was able to properly finish the repair you asked for. There are many instances where a car owner, in their haste to be able to use their vehicle again, […]

Easy Ways to Get Rid of Bumper Scratches

Bumper scratches can be very frustrating, especially those that mysteriously appear on your car without you knowing where they came from. Luckily, there are several easy ways to get rid of these bumper scratches. Use a Buffing Compound Nearly invisible bumper scratches can easily be removed by buffing. Use a high quality buffing compound to […]

DIY Solutions for a Cracked Bumper

A lot of people tend to avoid spending on something if they believe they can do it just as well as professionals can. Of course, that is not always the recommended route but there wouldn’t be any harm in trying. In case you discover that your bumper has a crack, there are a few techniques […]

What Costs Should You Expect to Pay for Bumper Repair

The damage that your car bumper can sustain, and ultimately the cost that you will have to pay in order to have this damage repaired, will vary greatly depending on a number of factors. For one thing, the kind of incident or the intensity of the collision that had taken place will certainly place a […]