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Scratch Vanish brings the body shop to you! We offer professional car body repairs on car bumpers, wheel arches and alloy wheels from the comfort of your home or workplace. We can save you a lot of time and money on traditional body shop repairs. All of our repairs are completed to the highest possible standard no different than a body shop at a fraction of the cost. Scratch Vanish provides mobile alloy wheel repairs in Sydney and car bumper repairs in Sydney. We believe in providing a quality of work at a higher standard than our competitors, at a fair price to make sure we create long-term relationships.
We take pride in providing the best bumper repair and alloy rim repair service in Sydney. Scratch Vanish doesn't believe in taking shortcuts when completing jobs for our clients. This means preparing the repaired area properly prior to and after removing the damage to ensure when we paint it lasts as long as possible. Any company who tells you it only takes 30 minutes to complete an alloy rim repair service Sydney or 1 hour to complete car bumper scratch repair is taking shortcuts and not delivering a high quality of work. We frequently hear feedback from people who have had a wheel repair company paint their alloy wheels and the paint has begun peeling after a month or so. If you take shortcuts the repair may look completed in the short term but there is a high risk of the paint peeling later. These operators may also be using cheap aerosol spray cans and not professional automotive paint and spray equipment. We use only top of the line equipment and high quality imported paint to make sure all of our repairs last forever.
You can rest assured you are being looked after by our car alloy wheel repair specialists Sydney. We strive to provide the best alloy wheel repair service Sydney and all of our repairs come with a 2-year guarantee.
Our car bumper scratch repair Sydney team understands what's required to deliver a high quality mobile car paint repair. The quality of the paint we use is no different to the quality direct from the manufacturer when the car is new. We are meticulous with our work and also offer a 2-year guarantee on all bumper scratch repairs we complete.
No matter how careful you are with your vehicle, there will always be the risk of getting unwanted scratches on it. So if you take pride in your car, it would be a good idea to find out right away where the best auto scratch repair services are. This way, if you suddenly see scratches on your vehicle, you won’t go into a panic asking, where is a car scratch repair near me?
When looking for a car paint scratch remover, the quality of work should be your most important criteria. Of course, you should also consider the cost, turnaround time, location and other factors but above all, you want to look for a car paint scratch remover that will give you the best value for your money, whilst delivering high-quality workmanship.
If you are in the Sydney area, you can simply turn to Scratch Vanish, the premier mobile car scratch remover in the area that can provide you just about any kind of scratch solution that you need. At Scratch Vanish, we can fix scratch on car, we can fix scratched rims, we can fix scratched bumpers, and we can basically give you the most professional mobile auto scratch repair services you can find in the area. We use only the highest quality tools, applicators and car scrapers to achieve the best possible finish mobile car painting Sydney has to offer.

Bumper Scratch Repair
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Car Bumper Repair Services Sydney


Car bumper scratches can be so annoying. Usually they occur on the lower part of your bumper on curbs you can't even see. Sometimes they just appear and you have no idea where the scratch came from. Scratch Vanish can repair all kinds of car bumper scratches from light scuffs to deep scratches. Scratch Vanish colour matches the colour of your car using cutting edge technology and visually removes the damage and repaints so it looks new and like it never happened. We ensure all car bumper repair services we provide are done to the highest standard without taking shortcuts. When we take on a mobile bumper scratch repair service in Sydney we aim to produce the same end result as a traditional body shop at a far cheaper price. Gone are the days of minor car damage burning a deep hole in your pocket!

Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists Sydney
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Alloy Wheel Repair Sydney

Alloy Wheel

The technicians at Scratch Vanish are alloy wheel repair specialists in Sydney and can refurbish those ugly damaged alloy rims that just continue to bug you so they look new and undamaged. Once the job is done your wheels will be in tip top condition again showcasing your car with that “wow” effect. Our wheel repair technicians ensure all damage is removed when completing an alloy wheel repair and the rims are cleaned and repainted professionally bringing them back to life. Our team can repair most types of car alloy wheels so they look like new.
We provide one of the best alloy wheel repair services Sydney and we are always looking for further work.
Please don't hesitate to contact the best alloy wheel repair specialists Sydney and we can give you a highly competitive price for a professional job.

Wheel Arch Scratch Repair
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Wheel Arch Scratch

Scratch Vanish provides professional mobile repairs on scratched wheel arches Sydney. Isn’t it frustrating when you scrape against something usually a pole you don’t see and leave those nasty scratch marks on your wheel arch ? Sometimes these types of scratches are on the bumper or the wheel arch itself depending on the type of car you have. Scratch Vanish in most cases can fix these types of scratches depending on the severity of the scrape. Scratch Vanish provides professional mobile car bumper and wheel arch scratch repair in Sydney. Please see below for contact options.

Car Mirror Scratch Repair
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Scratch Vanish provides mobile car paint repairs in Sydney. Don’t you get sick and tired of people leaving marks on your lovely shining car door from when you park in those nasty car parks or squeezing through those tight gaps and oops your wing mirror just got scratched? Whether you may be selling your car and wanting to restore it to its optimum standard or you just want these minor car paint repairs fixed for your own wellbeing, we have the necessary equipment and expertise to provide a high quality mobile paint repair in Sydney. We provide a professional mobile car paint repair service at a fair price. Please see below for contact options.

Diamond Cut Wheel CNC Machining
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Diamond Cut Wheel
CNC Machining

Scratch Vanish Provides a professional CNC wheel machining service throughout Sydney. The alloy wheels are removed from the tyre and put on our diamond tip lathe. Using state-of-the-art technology the wheel is repaired and restored to its former glory. Once the repair is complete, we seal with lacquer, fit and rebalance it to your tyre.

Pre-Sale Exterior Car Cleanup
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Pre-Sale Exterior
Car Cleanup

If you are putting your car out in the market, it only makes sense to give it a thorough going over by a paint repair professional so that interested buyers won’t be deterred. Under the scrutinizing eyes of a would-be buyer, car scratches will usually penalize the sale price. Here at Scratch Vanish we repair all possible scratches before showing the car to potential buyers, and give you the opportunity to sell the car at the highest possible price.

Scratch Vanish has developed multiple strong client relationships and has countless repeat customers. Many vehicle owners choose us as their preferred service provider. Here are the top 7 reasons why.
We pride ourselves on delivering a professional service from the first point of contact right through to the job completion. Our teams are efficient, on-time and will not leave you waiting due to unnecessary service delays.
There’s no need to drive your vehicle to a repair shop for minor repair work because we will come to your home or workplace and fix it right there and then.
Our scratch repair experts are friendly and highly trained in a vast range of smart repair techniques that are sure to give you the best quality mobile repair you deserve.
We work fast without sacrificing quality, finishing most jobs in less than 3 hours.
With our vast experience in scratch repair services, we give you on-the-spot estimates through a phone call, a text or an email.
Our scratch repairs usually cost only half of what you would pay at a regular body shop, and the quality of our work speaks for itself.
We are very fair and transparent with our fees and you will know exactly how much you need to pay before we start the job. There will be no nasty surprises or add-ons at the end.

Please send us a photo of the damage for a quote (click "Get a Quote" for options).

Customer Reviews

Recommend them highly!!
Absolutely OUTSTANDING!!!

Dennis Nezeritis

Customer Reviews

Very satisfied with the wheel repair. Top work!

Keenan Brown

Customer Reviews

Bought a car with a decent concrete scrape in the front bumper, repair was quick and painless, professional service and great result, Thanks!

Gerry Dubois

Customer Reviews

Had a few nasty scratches on my car bumper repaired. Scratch Vanish fixed them perfectly. Good service and value for money!

Sue Larrant

Customer Reviews

I had my machine edged BMW alloy wheels repaired. I couldn’t notice anything after the job was done. They looked new again. My wife was happy.

Tai Wright

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